April 11 2024

Earning LEED Points with SkyGrow Live Green Walls

SkyGrow Live Green Walls not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings but also contribute significantly to their sustainability and environmental performance. By integrating SkyGrow’s living walls into your architectural projects, you can achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification points across various categories, reflecting your commitment to energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and overall sustainability. Here's how SkyGrow Live Green Walls can help your project earn LEED points:

Sustainable Sites (SS)

  • Integrated Pest Management, Erosion Control, and Landscape Management Plan (1 point): SkyGrow’s system encourages the diversion of landscape waste through mulching and composting, minimizing waste and chemical fertilizer use by utilizing OMRI-certified organic options.
  • Site Development: Protect or Restore Habitat (1 point): SkyGrow Green Walls can transform vertical spaces into habitats that support local wildlife and biodiversity, using native and locally adapted plants to cover building exteriors and promote ecological restoration.
  • Stormwater Design: Quantity Control (1 point): By incorporating rainwater harvesting for irrigation of the living wall, SkyGrow systems enhance on-site water infiltration and contribute to effective stormwater management, reducing pollutants and improving water quality.

Energy and Atmosphere (EA)

  • Optimize Energy Performance (1–18 points): Green walls filled with Chlorophytum plants have been shown to absorb 13% of the CO2 emitted during the respiration process, thus reducing the frequency of mechanical ventilator usage in HVAC systems. This reduction in ventilation needs leads to a decrease in overall energy consumption. With correct installation, green walls can facilitate energy savings of between 10% to 20%.

Water Efficiency (WE)

  • Water Efficient Landscaping (1–5 points): By utilizing captured rainwater for irrigation and selecting water-efficient plant species, SkyGrow gardens minimize the need for potable water and enhance the site's overall water efficiency.

Materials and Resources (MR)

  • Sustainable Purchasing: Facility Alterations and Additions (1 point): SkyGrow emphasizes the use of locally sourced plants, recycled materials for the fabric of the gardens, and sustainable framing options, supporting local economies and reducing environmental impact.

Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)

  • IAQ Best Management Practices: Reduce Particulates in Air Distribution (1 point): The incorporation of a diverse array of plants in SkyGrow Green Walls can significantly improve indoor air quality by reducing airborne particulates and toxins, leveraging nature’s ability to clean the air.
  • Thermal Comfort and Acoustic Performance (1 point): The natural insulation and sound-absorbing properties of SkyGrow gardens contribute to improved thermal comfort and reduced noise levels, enhancing occupant satisfaction and well-being.

Innovation in Design (ID)

  • Innovation in Operations (1-4 points): By integrating SkyGrow Live Green Walls into your project, you demonstrate innovative use of green technology that addresses multiple sustainability objectives, from water and energy efficiency to improved air quality and biodiversity, thereby earning additional points for innovative design.
SkyGrow Live Green Walls offers a multifaceted approach to achieving LEED certification, demonstrating how green infrastructure can play a critical role in sustainable design and construction. Through the strategic implementation of living walls, architects and developers can significantly enhance the environmental performance and sustainability credentials of their projects.                  

- Written by Skytech

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