Geo Bags

WAVEPLUS Geobags are designed and developed to address the problem of coastal erosion. This robust product comes in three different sizes to match any revetment project.

WAVEPLUS Geo Bags are manufactured using a purposed built 1000gsm, nonwoven, UV stabilized Geotextile material.

Why WAVEPLUS geo bags are the best solution for coastal protection?

Environment Friendly

WAVEPLUS Geo Bags are environment friendly, as proven by the activities of numerous species of "crustaceans" and "seaweeds" that quickly begin to grow on the surface of the bags in no time.

Enhanced Strength & Durability

Bag materials are purpose-built with a special UV cover and made of 1000gsm virgin quality Polypropylene fabric with a strength of 80,000N/m, making it incredibly strong and durable.

Heavy Wave Resistance

Wave pressure is perfectly absorbed, thanks to the unique bag design.

Not Lost in Tides

The bags will not get washed away by heavy waves over time, as each bag can contain 1 to 5 tons of sand.

Well Balanced with Optimal Ground Friction

The bottom of the Geo bag takes the shape of the ground surface, maintaining an optimum balance & friction with the ground.

Cost Effectiveness

Geo bags are incredibly cost-effective compared with other types of coastal protection such as rock boulder applications, beach nourishment, etc.

Easily Transportable

Unlike rock boulder applications, easy to transport as the filling is done at the site.

Easy Bag Closing Method

The bag closing method has become very simple due to the special bag design.

Types & Application

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