Wall-mounted Green Wall Structures

SKYGROW Prefabricated “Fabric Pocket Wall Garden Structures” is undoubtedly the best option to convert any dead wall into a live green wall.

These “Prefabricated Fabric Pocket Wall Garden Solutions” are easy to install.
All you need to do is fix the “SKYGROW Prefabricated Wall Garden Structures” to a wall using anchor bolts and connect them with a water line.

Thanks to the “Fabric Pocket” technology used for SKYGROW Prefabricated Wall Garden Structures, it addresses almost all limitations of conventional “plastic pot vertical gardens”

Product Range

SkyGrow Technology

1. Easy to Install Prefabricated Structures

SKYGROW Prefabricated Wall Garden Structures are easy to install on any wall. It also comes in 4 standard sizes to match any requirement while allowing for customization for project orders.

2. High Strength and Durability

SKYGROW Fabric Pocket Panels are robust and durable. Thanks to the Italian-made purpose-built, UV stabilized, high tenacity fabric used for fabric pockets. A specially engineered steel superstructure gives perfect shape, reinforcement, and wall mounting mechanism.

3. Breathable Pots

Thanks to the highly porous fabric material used for manufacturing the planting pocket panels, the pot wall system is breathable, enabling the roots to grow better. Whereas in conventional plastic pots, frequent loosening of potting soil is the only option available to facilitate aeration, and this is a difficult task to perform at heights.

4. Efficient Water Drainage

A highly permeable pot wall system disburses the excess water efficiently, enabling the healthy growth of the plants. However, in conventional plastic pots, excess water drainage holes are made at the bottom of the pot. Overgrown roots usually block these excess water drainage holes and disturb healthy plant growth.

5. Better Heat Insulation

Thanks to the air barrier created by the thick fabric wall, roots are well protected from outside heat. In conventional plastic pots, external heat gets absorbed into the pot wall system and moved to the soil damaging the root structure.

6. Drip Irrigation System

A built-in micro irrigation system enables the perfect water flow to every pocket. Automation of the drip irrigation system is possible and optional.

7. Easy Plant Installation and Maintenance Method

Engagement of our 6-inch fabric Grow Bags can allow the option of pre-growing suitable plants in nurseries and nurturing them until the wall garden structures are ready for planting. This mechanism enables properly nurtured plants to go into the Wall Garden eliminating the soil work at the site and speeding up the plant installation work.

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