SkyGrow’s Smart Natural Green Wall Structures can brighten up your day in more than one way from every corner of your living quarters with their versatility. Indulge in the perks of smart living in an urban dwelling engulfed by natural greenery!

  • Herb Corner – A wall of natural herbs garnishing your kitchen. SkyGrow vertical walls for growing herbs of your choice right inside your kitchen, adding the best of homegrown spices and the freshest herbs to your gourmet
  • Office Delight – colorful natural ornamental plants with herbs revitalizing the ambiance of your workspace and uplifting your spirits. A breath of natural flora for unwinding work tensions – all in a day’s work!
  • Green Dining – SkyGrow herbal gardening structure adorning your dining area bringing forth the natural aroma of herbs to your platter. A tinge of alfresco dining for your everyday meal.
  • Natural Healing – Surround yourself with and dwell in on nature’s therapeutic vibes by plush greenery and natural foliage inside your home. Wake up to an oasis of live green vegetation for a refreshing boost of energy, health, and wellness every day.

Product Range

SkyGrow Technology

1. Grow Lamps - for growing without the sun!

Our tried-and-true grow lamp system has eliminated the necessity of exposing plants to sunlight, making it now possible to have evergreen indoor gardens independent of external environmental factors. The built-in grow lights ensure plants get just the right amount of light for them to grow healthy and flourish within the installed structure.

2. Fabric Pocket Structure - grow easy, grow fast!

SkyGrow’s specially designed fabric pocket structure enables plant roots to receive sufficient air from the entire pot wall system while efficiently disbursing excess water via the drip irrigation system. The structure can be conveniently installed indoors for flexible and adaptable growth.

3. Automated Irrigation System - water on time!

SkyGrow’s growing walls sustain automated irrigation with a Wi-Fi-assisted water pumping system. Complete, end-to-end automation is made possible with the integrated app that allows you to control the timings.

4. Water Tank

The structure is embedded with a dedicated water tank to circulate water and is sufficient for a week.

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