Fabric Grow Bags

SkyGrow Fabric Grow Bags are a perfect solution for edible landscaping in home gardens. The product comes with strong, UV-stabilized, and thick non-woven fabric made in Italy.

SkyGrow Fabric Grow Bags are available in various sizes to match your unique growing needs.

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Why are SKYGROW Fabric Grow Bags better than using Plastic Pots?

1. High Strength & Longer Durability

Thanks to the purpose-built, high-quality, thick, UV-stabilized fabric material, SKYGROW Fabric Grow Bags are highly durable. All SKYGROW fabric Growbags come with a 3-year warranty.

2. High Flexibility

Plants can be packed in a trough more densely because of the high flexibility of SKYGROW Grow Bags. Additionally, maintenance will be much easier since the grow bag with plants and soil in a single unit can be taken out quickly without meddling with the soil.

3. Breathable Pot

The fabric selected for SKYGROW Fabric Grow bags has the optimum level of permeability. Thus the root structure in SKYGROW Fabric Grow Bags receives adequate air from the entire wall system, enabling the roots to divide and grow better. Therefore, the necessity for frequent maintenance & loosening of potting soil is not required, unlike in plastic pots.

4. Efficient Water Drainage

Excess water can quickly drain from its highly permeable fabric pot wall system. Therefore, excess water is never held in to disrupt the formation of healthy roots. Conventional plastic pots, on the other hand, are less effective at transferring excess water. In most cases, the potholes become covered by compressed soil or overgrown roots, which harms the healthy growth of the root structure.

5. Better Heat Insulation

The thick fabric wall creates an air barrier, preventing the outside heat from getting transferred to the potting soil and root system. In contrast, conventional plastic pots absorb external heat, which is then transferred to the soil damaging the root system.

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